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Mindful Parenting Workshop

Saturday May 12th 3:30-5pm 

Parent and child will learn how to incorporate simple mindfulness activities into your everyday life. We will learn how the brain works and how mindfulness helps us process emotions and helps us respond in a kind and compassionate way. Leave with a set of tools to work together to support daily family wellness.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are available for individual, family, prenatal and postnatal clients. Email for more information.

Parent & Baby Classes

Tuesdays 12:30-1:30pm

Take time to connect with your body, mind, and community with your little one beside you. There is opportunity in this class for mothers to reconnect and heal in their postnatal bodies, parents and caretakers to enjoy yoga and for everyone to have fun with their babies.

Mindful Teachers Workshop

Upcoming workshop for Educators.

Learn mindful tools to support your classroom, minimize stress, increase student focus and concentration, and help students become more attentive, confident learners. Email for more information.

Children's Yoga Classes

Tuesdays 4:00pm-4:45pm

Kids yoga series at Hosh Yoga. Your little yogi will work on their strength and flexibility while improving their body coordination and awareness with music and games throughout class. Open to little ones ages 2-4 years. No prior experience necessary.

Prenatal Yoga Classes

Tuesdays 6:45pm-7:45pm

Prenatal yoga addresses the unique needs of your pregnant body. Whether you are in your first or third trimester, are new to yoga or are an experienced yogini, learn to add modifications and variations to your yoga practice, guiding you towards a deeper understanding and appreciation for all of the changes of pregnancy, aiding in a more confident birth and postnatal experience, offering the opportunity for the deep relaxation that the body needs during this time.

Mindfulness & Yoga in School

This curriculum is neuroscience based Wellness Program that brings yoga-based exercise, mindfulness, and social emotional learning skills to your entire school. This
program has proven to be successful not only in helping students learn how to navigate through the daily stresses that arise both at school and at home, but also during state testing. By applying the techniques learned in class, students become less anxious and more focused; their bodies become more flexible, strong, and overall both mentally and
physically prepared for learning. 
Email for more information on how to bring mindfulness and yoga to your school.